Typically garage door openers provide security and convenience for both our vehicles as well as our homes. Nonetheless, like with any other mechanical item, problems are inevitable in addition to the effects associated with years of usage. If your garage door is either acting fussy or failing to respond altogether, this can be rather frustrating.

Nevertheless, depending on the problem, you can easily spot the cause and set it right with a few simple solutions. Below are the three most common issues, together with appropriate, yet straightforward repair techniques to resolve them. If neither of these fixes appears to rectify the problem, you may need to get in touch with Door Dorks, your local garage door specialist.

1.Garage Door Remote control not responding

If you notice that your garage door remote control button is not working when pressed, start by checking the remote batteries. Although this appears rather simple, it is however, a real solution since the remote transmitter requires power to subsequently send a signal to the opener. However, if the issue is not the batteries, ensure that you are within the opener’s range when pressing the button.

You can try to turn into the driveway right before you press the button. Lastly, if proximity or fresh batteries does not solve your problem, try to reprogram your remote by following the opener manual instructions.

2.Wall switch not responding

Typically, while a dead or non-responding wall switch can seem like a rather serious issue, it may be merely a solvable power problem. Since the wall switch is directly wired into your opener, it is not necessary to troubleshoot or reprogram signal problems. If the switch is broken, the possible issue lies either with the wiring or your switch.

Usually, most switches comprise two wires. To test them, start by detaching them from your switch and touch them together carefully. If your opener responds, the issue may be your switch. However, if there is no response, you might need new wires, and you will have to replace them usually with 18-22 gauge wires

3.Garage door not closing completely

Finally, if you notice that your garage door won’t close completely, but does not also reverse, you can solve this by adjusting the limit switch. Generally, garage doors boast an adjustable switch which determines the extent to which the door can lower to close all the way. As such, if this switch is set significantly high for the opening, your door may fail to close completely.

To resolve the issue by adjusting the switch, look for the screw on the door’s motor unit which, when turned either decrease or increases the extent to which your door comes down when closing.

Need professional assistance?

Essentially, in the event you have any garage door issues, it is always convenient to have a few tricks and tips up your sleeve. Nonetheless, if these issues persist or are not self-evident, either consult with your opener or garage door manual or get in touch with Door Dorks.

At Door Dorks, there is virtually nothing our team of experts can’t fix within our niche, and we are ever at your service for quick garage door fixes and repairs. We are the most responsive, convenient garage door professionals within San Diego.

Courtesy of our full-service garage, we install, repair, as well as supply a wide-ranging assortment of garage door designs and styles, backed by and reliable expertise and know-how especially on the newest technology and trends.

With Door Dorks, you are sure to enjoy quick and super efficient professional assistance, all at a pocket-friendly price. Next time you have a persistent garage door issue, be sure to check us out!

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