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A few generations back, front porches were the premier part of the home when it came to curb appeal. People would spend their time and energy to make these beautiful. With home design changing quite a bit through the last few decades, garage doors are now the focal point. Your garage definitely matters the most when it comes to curb appeal.

The good news for you is garage doors come in different materials, colors, and designs to help you make your own statement. It all depends on the style you are going for.

Rusted steel doors

If you like a rustic feel in your home, go for rusted steel doors. Steel garage doors are available in broad colors, insulation, and price ranges. They are increasingly appealing to homes with a rich, old Southwestern-style feel.’

Aluminum doors

Contemporary style aluminum doors are popular among modern home designs. You have the option between solid and frosted glass panels that highlight modern design lines really well.

Wooden doors

In it for a classic appeal? Then go for wooden garage doors. These bad boys from moist and mold-resistant pine, cedar, and cypress are naturally appealing and smell great!

What’s your local micro-climate?

Depending on your local micro-climate, you can go for wind-loaded, insulated, steel, wood, and aluminum doors. Common sense dictates that you get a material that’s suitable for local climate conditions. For humid and acidic environments, aluminum works great while steel and wood do not!

Does your garage door face the direction the sun is in?

Insulated garage doors, on the other hand, help conserve energy. The modern century garage is not just a place where you stash your equipment; no, it is more than that, it’s your man cave, you probably spend a significant part of your time in there, so you want it comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold.

Insulation helps with that, helping to reduce heating bills during the cold season and prevent overheating in summer or if your garage faces the direction the sun is in.

How windy is your neighborhood?

The wind is not a door friendly weather element. Just a bit of strength in it and off goes those weak garage doors; these may even land on you, causing harm. Consider a wind-loaded door option with bulkier gauge tracking and extra bracing.

Mounting style?

Do you prefer an overhead mounting style or a door that swings sideways to open and close? Depending on your choice, you have to ensure there’s the right balancing spring for the door. Torsion springs work well with an overhead mounted garage doors.

Automatic vs. Manual

Some people don’t trust technology, but we’ve all been in that situation where, as you drive off, you wonder if you indeed closed your garage door. There’s also the concern about your valuables while you are away.

Automatic garage doors that are loaded with security features can help you grasp some sense of safety. Smartphone sensors, relay switches, cameras, and other smart tech come in handy.


And lastly, after all, is said and done, can you comfortably pay for the garage door option without being pressed for cash? Manual garage doors will always be cheaper than the automated doors; aluminum a bit expensive than steel doors and wood somewhere in the middle.

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