There are plenty of reasons why your garage door might not be functioning right, and some of them are quite easy and basic to spot, and others are relatively strange like, for instance, a wasp net meddling with the door`s mechanics. The groups of professionals at Door Dorks can offer you a solution that is affecting your garage door.

A garage door that is not aligned correctly can be very annoying, mostly when it is stuck so tight that you have to park outside your garage. And at times, you are even locked in. The essential thing is that the alignment of your garage door should be fixed as soon as possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should adjust your garage door alignment sooner rather than later:

To align your track

The metal track that your garage door runs along requires aligning correctly for the door to stop getting stuck. If it is out of alignment, it could cause some severe problems. If you notice the bends on the rail or presence of gaps between the tracks and the rollers, you are supposed to call for professional assistance soonest possible. The garage door`s weight will gradually compound these issues with time, which is caused by incorrect garage door alignment.

Photo-eye alignment

There are photo eyes on both sides of the garage door, and between them is a beam that is not visible to the naked eye, one that will stop the garage door from closing once it is broken. Ensure the eyes are clean and appropriately aligned and make sure this beam remains intact.

To ensure the door moves

The garage door springs function to lift the door, and garage doors can weigh more than 400 pounds. Garage doors come with one or two torsion springs, and if any of them are broken, the door will not run adequately. Since torsion springs can be tricky to work with, you must contact a professional from Door Dorks to aid you with the replacement of the springs.

Avoid the garage door closing swiftly

One broken tension spring could cause this, counteracting the garage door`s weight. Or maybe it could be the fractured cables. In some instances, the cables that link the tension springs on the garage doors snap, which results in the door slamming. If one of these is the case, ensure you contact professionals – garage doors which slam fast are hazardous to work with.

Bottom Line

A garage door that is out of alignment can be hazardous. If it is significantly off-balance, it might fall off the tracks and hurt someone. The door may get stuck, and there could be a situation where you require getting the vehicle out. A door that will not close leaves you susceptible to thieves too. Plenty of scenarios are possible, so it is best to deal with the problems before it escalates. You should contact Door Dorks for all your garage door issues, such as alignment issues or springs.

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