A beautiful and functional garage does not only accentuate your home’s curb appeal but also saves the day; you can be in and out in a matter of minutes. When it comes to garages, therefore, garage door management is essential; a bad door can leave you stuck in your garage, unreliable garage door service expert, on the other hand, will waste your money.

And it may not always just be about a broken garage door, Other times it’s just a case of bad luck such that the garage door remote or keypad fails to respond; either way, you need the help of responsive and full-service nerds like Door Dorks to help you solve technical garage door issues. You can always rely on Door Dorks to help typical garage door repairs such as:

Broken Springs and Cable Replacement

While some door repairs can be fixed using a DIY approach, you better call in the big guns in case it’s a broken spring. This is because springs are essential in weight redistribution, and you need to have the right parts to repair it. The same goes for broken rollers and cables; with a DIY approach, you may pony up for useless equipment.

Help with Keypads, openers, and remotes

Remotes and keypads are not just there for convenient opening and closing of your garage, but they also guarantee safety. That’s why you need the latest technology that delivers value for your money. Door Dorks stocks a wide variety of digital wireless keypads, wall consoles, master remotes, and battery back-up openers you can choose from to replace your obsolete hardware. Plus, if you just ran into some bad luck and your remote or keypad is not working, Door Dorks knowledgeable technicians can help fix that too.

Noisy garage door

So that garage door of yours has been making lots of noise recently. Well, depending on the sound, it could be due to unbalanced door weight, loose nuts, improper installation, poor lubrication, loose hinges, bent tracks, etc. Either way, you need to get a professional to take a look into it and soundproof your garage door.


Remember a nice-looking garage can increase the value of your home. So, whether you want complementary door hinges, handles, etc. with the rest of the door for a high quality look, you can rely on Door Dorks decorative accessories. Apart from repairs, Door Dorks also performs garage door installation. With connections to the top manufacturers, you can be guaranteed a quality garage door. Give Door Dorks a call to 760-290-4564 for your garage door repair needs in North County San Diego.

Door Dorks team of experienced professionals provides a 24-hour service from Monday to Saturday. They can work around your schedule and give you time to tackle more important issues. Expect most quality repair jobs to be completed in just under an hour. Choosing Door Dorks also protects you from mishaps of a DIY approach: buying useless materials that make any fond hopes of a smooth operating safe garage door not go so well.


Don’t let a broken garage door opener disturb your day-to-day life

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