Most garage door problems arise from transmission issues or a blocked photo-eye. These are easy to resolve without involving the professionals. That said, some problems need professional intervention.

Track Alignment Issues Need Immediate Resolution

The metal track that your garage door runs on needs to be correctly aligned for the door to open and close. There should be no space between the door’s rollers and the rails. An unaligned track is bad news. The weight of the garage door inevitably makes it worse, so, as time goes by, your garage door becomes a danger to you and your family. The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets, so if you notice any track alignment issue that you cannot fix immediately, seek professional help.

Is Your Transmitter Damaged?

If your garage door is not responding to your open and close commands, the chances are that it is a transmitter issue. Check whether you’re in range and whether the garage door antenna is obstructed or damaged. If everything looks okay, but it still doesn’t respond, then you’re likely dealing with a broken transmitter. You will need to call in a garage door technician to get this replaced. The same solution applies to a garage door that opens and shuts even when you’re not clicking the button.

Garage Door Springs and Cables Break Every So Often

When your garage door’s transmitters are in perfect working condition, but the door still won’t go up, you might be dealing with broken springs. Garage door springs are not built to last forever; they will eventually break. If they do break within earshot, you will hear a loud snap or pop, much like a firecracker.

Once the springs break, watch out for the cables because they are next. Broken springs can be hazardous to work with, so don’t try to fix them if you don’t have the skills and proper tools. call a professional instead.

A Poorly Installed Garage Door Can be Problematic to Deal With

Sometimes a garage door goes all the way down only to go back up immediately. This is a common problem in newly installed garage doors that is caused by improper limit settings. The limit range is responsible for how far the door moves when closing. When set too high, the garage door will think that the floor is an obstruction, which will cause it to open right back up when you close it. Luckily, limit settings can be tweaked by a garage door technician.

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