Understanding High Lift Garage Doors

High lift garage doors give homeowners more space in their garage by extending existing garage door tracks closer to the ceiling of their garage. There are endless reasons why you might choose to install a high lift system, including wanting space for car lifts, storage space, taller vehicles, or just wanting your garage to feel bigger.

Instead of following the curve of your ceiling at the top of the garage door opening, high lift garage door tracks extend straight to the top of your ceiling and then curve in. High lift systems require new tracks, brackets to support the lift, longer cables, high-lift drums, and torsion springs. Standard garage doors use cables, drums, and torsion springs, but they are not designed for the extra tension needed to open the garage door.

All garage doors use cables, drums, and springs to lift a door up its tracks. A high lift garage door requires wider high lift drums that allow the cables more vertical lift before pulling the door on the track’s curve. The torsion spring creates the tension needed to pull the garage door up.

Sometimes a regular garage door isn’t enough for what you need for your garage. If you want more space to turn your garage into a functioning environment, consider installing a high lift garage door. Here at Door Dorks, we know everything about installing and repairing high lift garage doors. Whatever you need with high lift garage doors, we have you covered!

What is a High Lift Garage Door?

High lift garage doors are a type of specialty garage door that allows for more room in the garage. High lift doors operate the same way as a regular garage door, except that the garage door opener is located to the side of the door rather than overhead. Because of this, the garage door tracks can remain closer to the roof of the garage. This means there is a lot more headroom in the garage since there is less stuff in the way. This method does not mean that the garage door is less durable than a traditional garage door. It is just as strong and works just as well as any other garage door.

When Would You Need a High Lift Garage Door?

Getting a high lift garage door is a great option if you want to use your garage for more than simply storing cars. If you want to fit more cars in your garage, install a car lift and stack them vertically. Alternatively, you could convert the interior space into a workshop. In addition to that, it is an excellent choice for storing a boat or an RV. Another option would be to create more space for entertaining. This would lighten the garage and create a feeling of roominess.

All of these options would benefit from having a high lift garage door installation. It’s an easy installation process that could greatly alter your garage door use. Your garage can be converted into a workshop or even an indoor greenhouse. With all the amazing options we have, you won’t have to sacrifice style for this functionality.

What are the Benefits of High Lift Garage Doors?

If you’re looking for increased vertical space in your garage, whether to support taller vehicles, increase storage space, or repurpose your garage, a high lift garage door expands the usable vertical space and can enhance the aesthetics of your garage.

Increased Vertical Clearance

Lifting your garage door closer to your ceiling, either through a garage door high lift kit or professional installation, provides extended vertical clearance which can be used for numerous reasons.

If you have a taller vehicle or you’re looking to add a car lift, additional headroom allows you to comfortably store your vehicles in your garage. This extra space will also allow you to perform vehicle maintenance in the comfort of your garage without hitting your head on the tracks.

If you’re repurposing your garage into a workout space or recreational room, this increased vertical space allows you to add tall weight-lifting equipment or items like a projector without interference from short door tracks.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Your current garage, with a standard garage door, might be cluttered with boxes, bikes, and tools, but installing a high lift garage door is the organizing solution of your dreams.

High-lift garage doors increase the space above your vehicle so you can add loft areas, high shelves along the walls, and racks to hold bikes or boxes. No matter your storage needs, high lift garage doors provide the space to fit your solution.

Enhanced Curb Appeal and Property Value

High lift garage doors don’t just increase your vertical space, but they enrich the visual appeal. You don’t need to replace your garage door while installing a high lift kit, but choosing a garage door that is consistent with the style of your house improves your curb appeal.

In the 2023 Cost and Value Report, garage door replacements, including high-lift door replacements, had a 102.7% return on investments (ROI), meaning investing in a high lift door increases your property value.

Source: Remodeling

Components of High Lift Garage Doors

A high lift system is composed of the following components:

  • Tracks. This includes both vertical and horizontal tracks that guide the garage door up and across the ceiling. In a high-lift kit, the vertical tracks are extended and help lift the door to your desired height.
  • Cables. The steel cables are attached to the bottom of the garage door by a bottom bracket and, using the drums and springs, pull the garage door down and up its tracks.
  • High lift cable drums. These drums are attached to the torsion springs and assist in winding and unwinding the cables and moving the door up and down.
  • Torsion spring. The torsion springs are connected to the cable drums and wind and unwind when the door is used, creating the tension necessary to lift the door. A high lift requires a heavier-duty torsion spring as the tension is high.
  • Brackets. There are several different brackets used, including ones to support the added track length and attach the horizontal tracks to the garage roof.

Source: Clopay

Options for High Lift Garage Doors

There are many options to choose from when considering a high lift garage door. One of our favorites that we’ve installed is a glass high lift garage door. This is the best option for creating a bright, roomy area for entertainment. Nothing opens a space up more than a glass garage door!
There are many other options as well to perfectly match your home. You can choose from nearly all other garage door materials in order to create the perfect style for your home. There are a lot of commercial options as well that could greatly improve your business’s functionality. We know just how to work with both residential and commercial options for these high lift garage doors.

Installation Process of High Lift Garage Doors

If you’re considering, or in already need of an emergency garage door upgrade, a high lift garage door might be the right choice. There are two ways you can install one: DIY or professional installation. You can find DIY installation high lift garage door kits for sale and plenty of online video tutorials, but they require previous knowledge of garage door systems and technical skills. You may also face extra costs when gathering the appropriate tools and the installation might take you more time than a professional installation. There are also physical risks you should consider as incorrectly replacing the torsion springs can cause severe injury.

A professional installation may cost you more money, but they already have the appropriate tools and experience to ensure a faster installation.

If you choose a DIY install, here is a basic overview of the steps:

1. Pre-Installation Preparation

a. Before installation, you should ensure there is ample headroom and sideroom in your garage to support a high lift system. Over 30 inches of extra vertical space is recommended. (Cloplay)

b. Then, measure the exact distance you’ll want to extend, the width of your garage door, and your garage door weight. This will help determine what materials to buy.

c. Buy the appropriate tools and materials. You can buy a garage door high lift kit to get the appropriate springs, cable drums, and extended tracks. And some of the tools you may need are:

  • A power drill
  • Screwdrivers and Wrenches
  • A level
  • A hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Ladder
  • Safety materials like goggles and gloves
  • Spring tensioning tools (for adjusting torsion springs)

2. Mounting the High Lift Tracks

a. Position the horizontal and vertical tracks in the appropriate places and attach them to your garage walls using the hardware.

b. Use brackets to secure the tracks and ensure proper alignment.

3. Adding High Lift Drums and Torsion Springs

a. After installing the tracks, add the cables, cable drums, and new torsion springs following the material’s instructions.
b. Installing the torsion springs also means adjusting the tension so the door is counterbalanced.

4. Installing the High Lift Door Panels and Hardware

a. If your garage door is lacking panels, hinges, or rollers, attach those to the door and attach the door to the tracks.
b. Test the functionality of the door by manually opening and closing it. You may need to adjust the tension so the door balances, staying open when required.

You can find more detailed DIY guides online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high lift garage door?
A high lift garage door is a garage door that has tracks extending to the ceiling of a garage. This heightens the vertical clearance, allowing more use out of your garage.
What are the benefits of high lift garage doors?
With a high lift garage door, you have more space allowing for storage options like shelves or racks, adding a car lift, or turning the garage into a recreational area.
Can I install a high lift garage door by myself?
Yes! You can find high lift garage door kits online and DIY instructions, or you can find companies like Door Dorks to install for you.

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