Imagine being stuck in a garage, or even worse, having to leave your garage door open because you have to leave, but for some reason, the door will not close. Research has shown that a typical homeowner opens the garage door about 1400 times in a year. With this much activity, wear and tear on the garage parts are bound to occur, leading to such malfunctions.

However, not many individuals know how to identify these malfunctions that require professional attention. Here are some common signs that your garage door needs repair.

Crooked Garage Door

A crooked garage door is a sore sight for any owner. It is not only embarrassing but also carries a greater security and safety risk for your home.

A door may appear to be sagging on one side, as its parts are not properly aligned. This is mainly due to snapped or stretched springs brought about by accidents like a car running into a closed garage door.

Stuck Garage Door

Over time, the garage door parts will experience wear and tear due to frequent use. When the situation gets worse, the garage door may get stuck and will no longer open or close, or it only opens halfway.

These parts may involve broken cables or worn out springs, such as the extension and the torsion springs. The problem may be with the opener itself, where it malfunctions in such cases a replacement is needed.

Strange and Unpleasant Noises When Opening or Closing the Garage Door

Strange noises are a nuisance. They are, however, one of the easiest ways to identify a garage door that needs repair. These noises may be caused by torsion springs or misaligned parts that do not join. These noises can include loud thumping when the door is opened or closed, high-pitched squeaking, clicking, grinding, and ringing.

Delayed Response When Opening and Closing the Garage Door

You may experience a delay in response when opening your garage door, especially when it comes to automatic doors. This delay may be a few seconds more than the normal timeline. If you still experience issues after lubricating the necessary parts such as the rollers, tracks, and hinges, you may be facing a deeper underlying issue that requires professional attention.

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