When you first install your garage door opener, you’re met with a system that works flawlessly every time you press the button. Every morning commute starts with a smooth opening and closing garage door that you can begin to take for granted as time passes. However, in the years since you first installed your system, you may find that your door isn’t opening as smoothly as it once did. You have to frequently press the button, perform an array of troubleshooting tips, or physically move the door yourself, which can drag out your morning in uncomfortable ways. 

If you find yourself wondering why your garage door opener only works some of the time, you are not alone. This essential piece of your garage door puzzle needs to be analyzed and its inner workings understood so you can figure out what the underlying problem is with your system. Here are some possible reasons why your garage door opener only works intermittently. 

There’s Radio Interference

The main process in which your garage door opener operates is through transmitting and receiving radio signals to let your system know when to open and close. These signals need to travel unobstructed between the receivers to work efficiently. Obstructions can range from something physically blocking the sensor or another radio device operating on a similar frequency that interferes with it. 

Discovering the source of the interference can help improve your opener’s performance and ensure everything works properly throughout the day. Clearing any physical obstructions from the system or turning off the device on the same frequency are good places to start with your maintenance.

Check the External Wiring 

There are multiple wires that play a crucial role in how well your garage door opener functions. The external wiring connects your wall-mounted unit and the motor’s safety sensor to your garage door opener. Through consistent use, normal wear and tear, and potential accidents, these wires may get damaged or come loose and cause a disruption in your service. 

Physically inspect the wires to see if they are securely attached to the sensors and the wall unit. You can perform spot repairs to the wires to try and address the issue, but if you are still experiencing problems or aren’t confident in working with these components, please don’t hesitate to contact a trusted garage door opener repair technician in San Diego County, CA

Check the Garage Door Tracks

Sometimes the issue isn’t with the garage door opener itself but another component that’s out of alignment. For example, if your garage door tracks have gotten knocked out of proper alignment, it could cause an issue with your opener. The part of the tracks that’s not in the right place may be obstructing the sensors, or when it reaches a certain point, your garage door cannot go any further. While you may be able to address this issue on your own, for the utmost confidence in your repairs, getting a garage door repair specialist in San Diego County, CA, can give you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for. 

Check Your Springs and Cables

With so many intricate components working together to make your garage door go, if one piece breaks down, it can have a cascading effect on the rest of your system. Not even the hardest working automatic opener can compensate if any of your garage door cables or springs snap. If your opener turns on, but you don’t see any opening or closing movement, check your system’s springs and cables. Identifying broken pieces may help diagnose the underlying reasons behind your system’s continued malfunctioning. 

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