A garage door is a major investment for any home. It offers functionality and protection for your garage for decades. If your garage door is worn out or damaged past the point of repair, it may be time to replace it. Before buying a garage door, there are some things that you should know.

1. Installing a Garage Door is Not a DIY Project

You may have experience with some installations around the house or are tempted to save some bucks on labor. However, it is advisable to leave the garage door installation to the specialists.

Trying to install a garage door on your own is not only a safety risk, but can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful and may result in poor quality work. Professional garage door installers are experts in their field and will provide a safer, quicker, and trouble-free installation.

2. You will need a New Opener

Your newly purchased, modern, and sleek garage door can be ruined by a dated, malfunctioning garage door opener. It is recommendable to get a new opener at the same time you purchase a new garage door.

Opt for openers designed for functionality, convenience, and ease of use. It should also be sufficiently powerful to withstand frequent use.

3. Different Garage Door Materials

You have a variety of material options when you by a new garage door. Aluminum is excellent if you stay in a humid area due to its rust-resistance capability.

Steel is also a popular option. It is sturdy, secure, and offers a broader range of styles, colors, and prices. Wood looks incredible and is great for curb appeal. However, it will require regular maintenance to keep it attractive.

4. Insulation

An insulated garage door is an excellent option if you stay in a three or four-season climate. Your garage door can affect the energy effciency of your home. An insulated garage door can help regulate the temperatures inside the garage.

Insulation technologies have improved considerably over the last decade. Go for a garage door with tight seals to deter the elements. Weather sealing at the bottom also helps keep out water, dirt, and debris.

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