If you are in the process of remodeling your home then you may be unsure of what exactly you want to improve and what you might be better off leaving as is. Remodeling can be an expensive investment and it may be tempting to keep the work to a bare minimum. One thing that you shouldn’t neglect though is the part of your property that everyone sees when they walk or drive by.

The front area of your home is important for leaving a good impression with both your neighbors and any visitors to your home. And one of the most visible parts of your house frontage is the garage door. So here’s why a garage door remodel should be something that you consider including in your renovation efforts.

Increases Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Property Value

Your garage door generally takes up a fairly large part of the front of your house. If it’s in a poor state then it will affect the curb appeal of your home and bring down the value of your property as a result. While you may not be thinking of selling your home in the near future, other people in the area might need to at some point. Having a house that detracts from the neighborhood can devalue the whole area to a small degree and lower property prices over time.

In addition to affecting property values in your neighborhood, this may also cause friction with your neighbors. If they feel that you are not putting in a reasonable effort to keep your house frontage in a serviceable state then they may take the view that you don’t care about the neighborhood.

Reduces Security Vulnerabilities

Your garage door can be an easy entry point for criminals if it is not properly maintained. If they can easily lift the door and get inside, then they work on getting in your home without any suspicious eyes on them. Your garage probably contains some items that a criminal might find worth pilfering too, without even needing to break into your house.

If your garage door is old and worn then the chances are that it is easy to open for a skilled burglar who has learned the tricks of their trade. A bit of force in the right place can be all it takes to open some old doors. Doing a garage door remodel or replacement may save you from having your home broken into.

Removes a Potential Point of Frustration From Your Day

You probably open and close your garage door a few times a day to get your car in and out. If the door is worn then it may take some huffing and puffing to get the door up and down. This likely puts you into a slightly bad mood every time you need to wrangle that door and makes your day a little more frustrating in the process.

Lets you coordinate your garage door with your house decor

If it’s been a while since you made any changes to your garage door then it may be out of sync with the current look of your home. Since the door takes up a lot of space at the front of your property a mismatched color scheme or overall look can make your property stand out like a sore thumb. Getting a garage door remodel gives you the opportunity to match it to the look of your house and blend it in so that it adds to the value of your home.

Your garage door is the part of your home that you may not think about all that much, but which you nevertheless find yourself interacting with multiple times a day. If your garage door is in a state of disrepair and you are doing remodeling work on your home then it can be worth adding it to your list of things to fix, upgrade, or replace. Door Dorks can help you to get your door into a better looking and working state or replace that old ratty door entirely for you if needs be. So give Door Dorks a call and see what your options are for turning your garage door into something that will look good, work good, and make you feel good about the state of your home.

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