New Garage Doors for Construction
in San Diego & Temecula

Building a brand new property is a multi-stage process that ensures all the little details are accounted for and ready to go. Whether you’re building your dream home or breaking ground on a new commercial property, you need every part of the project executed perfectly.


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Garage Doors for New Residential Properties in
San Diego & Temecula

Building a new home in San Diego & Temecula? Finding an option that compliments your home’s style and vibe can be a monumental challenge. Figuring out what model works best for your property requires an experienced hand with a borderline obsessive knowledge of garage doors to pull off — that’s where we come into play.

Garage Door Installation
for New Construction in
San Diego & Temecula

Garage door installation for new construction is critical in completing your new home or commercial building. It involves more than just fitting the door into place; it ensures it operates smoothly, securely, and efficiently. A professionally installed garage door can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, improve energy efficiency, and provide security.

Garage Doors for New Commercial Construction in San Diego & Temecula

We also provide robust and durable garage doors to withstand heavy usage for business owners building new commercial properties. Our garage door services extend to installation, maintenance, and repair, ensuring your door remains in optimal condition throughout its life.

How Do I Choose the Right Garage Door for My New Property?

Choosing a new garage door can be daunting, given the myriad of options available in the market. At Door Dorks, we guide you through the process, considering factors like your property’s style, your budget, and the door’s intended use. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of wood doors or the durability of steel, we have a wide selection to meet your needs.

For Residential Properties

Selecting the right garage door for new residential properties is a significant decision that can significantly influence your home’s curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency.

We understand that every home is unique, so we offer a wide selection of garage doors in various styles, materials, and finishes to match your home’s architectural style and personal aesthetic preferences perfectly.

Whether you’re drawn towards the timeless elegance of wooden doors, the modern appeal of steel or aluminum doors, or the practical benefits of insulated doors, our team will guide you through the process. We consider factors such as your neighborhood, climate, home design, and budget. With our expert advice and high-quality offerings, you can confidently select a garage door that elevates the charm and value of your new residential property.

For Commercial Properties

Choosing the right garage door for a new commercial property is a crucial decision that can impact the building’s aesthetic appeal, functionality, and security. Commercial properties often require robust, durable doors that can withstand heavy usage and provide maximum security. At Door Dorks, we offer a wide selection of commercial garage doors designed to meet these needs.

From roll-up doors suitable for warehouses and loading docks to insulated doors for climate-controlled environments, we have options to fit every business requirement. Our team will guide you through the process, considering factors such as your business type, operational needs, budget, and preferred aesthetic. With our expertise and high-quality products, you can confidently choose a garage door that enhances your commercial property’s value and functionality.

Our Clients Know Best

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5 star

Door Dorks are one of the most honest companies I have done business with for our home…Nathan fixed everything the door needed and was very nice and professional explaining everything. This type of honesty and integrity is hard to find!! I highly recommend Nathan and Door dorks for your garage door needs!…

- Sharon C.
5 star

Our garage door spring recently broke. I love DIY projects, but not this job. We asked our neighbors and many recommended Door Dorks. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Nathan was the tech that came out to fix our spring. Nathan was friendly and got the job done in less than 2 hrs. Thanks Nathan and Door Dorks for a job well done!

- Kevin S.
5 star

My old wood garage door was in need of an update and so, of course, I called Door Dorks and I can’t be happier! My existing wood door was an odd size and Gina measured, used creative thinking, and found me a perfect door. Matt did a flawless install, very professional, and I’m very pleased. Very fair price and no upselling for things I don’t need. You need to pick Door Dorks!

- Michael M.
5 star

Charlie and Brandon did a great job. Plus the sales team was helpful getting me exactly what I wanted. The new door matches my existing door. The opener works with my home automation. Install team arrive exactly when promised, was friendly, and got the job done. When they completed, they showed me how everything worked. Great Job.

- William P.
5 star

Nathan let us know his arrival time, then arrived on time, diagnosed the issue quickly and showed us our options, including all costs. The repair was done right, and he had all the parts with him that he needed. He also fixed another issue for a reasonable cost that could have ruined our door prematurely. We used Door Dorks 8 years ago, and will use them next time we need any garage door issue resolved!

- Sid T.
5 star

Over the years I have used them, my experience with Door Dorks has alway been excellent. This time office staff tried to help me trouble shoot my problem over the phone. When that didn’t solve the problem, they came out the next morning. Adam arrived when he said he would. Kept me informed as to his progress, was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Repaired the faulty part and did a complete check and service of my garage door. I’m completely happy. Would give more stars if possible.

- Sue T.
5 star

Our garage door was making more noise than usual and given past experience, I knew Door Dorks was the right company to help. I was able to get an appointment next day and the technician (Adam) was extremely helpful at walking us through the options of what we needed to do vs. could do if we wanted to be proactive. Highly recommend these guys for any garage door service needs you have.

- Nick H.
5 star

Nathan communicated with me about when he would arrive, gave me a fair quote, and finished his work efficiently.

We had another door company out for an estimate the day before Nathan came out, and he wanted to charge us double what Door Dorks quoted. Then he came down on his price repeatedly when we balked. Door dorks was a much better process.

- Matt S.
5 star

We just had Door Dorks install a new garage door and motor at our home. We were very pleased with the customer service and professionalism of everyone on the team from Gina (the person that helped us order and select our door and motor), to Nathan (the tech that took measurements and brought samples so we could select the texture and color of the door), Brandon (the tech that helped with the demo and install of our new door and motor, and Charlie (the tech that installed, set up the door and motor, and did the finale walk through). Everyone did what they promised to do, I highly recommend using this company for your garage door needs. My neighbors keep asking about our new door and motor, because the door and motor are a big upgrade to our curb appeal.

- Stephanie D.
5 star

Huge thank you for the fast, professional care Door Dorks provided at my parents’ home! I requested a quote over Yelp and their response was well within the 10 min average response time. From the Yelp and phone conversations I had with their staff and Adam who was able to come out same day provided additional relief knowing we could have the home secured right away. Adam was efficient, professional, and personable during the whole process from diagnosing the issue to being able to jump right into the repair. From my first inquiry to a finished repair, the whole process took approximately 3 hours and I couldn’t be happier to know that we wouldn’t have to prolong this repair past 24 hours from the break happening.

- Stephanie O.
5 star

The 2 service men that came out to our house to install our new garage door were amazing guys. Brandon and Charlie knew exactly what they were doing with no hesitation. Once they removed our heavy old broken wood door they replaced it with a beautiful new door. The gentlemen were very friendly down to earth and installed out door in less than 2.5 hours. The fact that they did not leave until the door was properly installed was amazing. These guys are trust worthy hard working door dorks. Thank you Brandon and Charlie!

- Sofia V.

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