As you’re pulling up to your house, there’s nothing better than being able to push one button and pull straight into your garage, especially in poor weather. Not only do garage door openers convenience your everyday life, but they also contribute to your home security. You don’t need to worry about getting out of your car to close the garage door every time you leave or stress that you forgot to close it.

There are many different types of garage door openers so choose one that fits your specific needs and preferences, whether it’s the size of your door or how much noise you prefer.

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Types of Garage Door Openers

There are endless types of garage door openers, and choosing the best one for your garage door is important. You don’t want to choose one that’s too noisy or doesn’t work with the size or material of your garage. But don’t worry, there are so many different options.

Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive openers use a thick chain to lift the doors open. They’re one of the most popular types of openers because of their affordability, costing around $200, and their versatility, working with many different door materials.

Chain drive openers are stronger and more durable, but cause more noise.

Source: Home Depot

Belt Drive Openers

A belt drive opener uses a smooth belt, costs a bit more than a chain drive opener, and is less strong but has a longer-lasting lifespan. Belt drives are also quieter than chain drives.

Screw Drive Openers

Screw drive openers use a threaded rod mechanism and arm that lifts and closes the garage door.

These openers are perfect for heavier doors and lower-ceiling garages. They don’t make noise and require little maintenance.

Source: Home Depot

Jackshaft Drive Openers

A jackshaft drive opener is mounted on the wall of your garage and connects to the torsion spring to lift the door. Because they’re mounted to the wall, your vertical space isn’t compromised and they’re easier to self-install. They are also quieter, making less noise when your garage door opens.

Motor Power and Horsepower


Every garage door opener will have a different motor power, affecting their capability to open different types of doors. The motor power will also impact the amount of noise made, which may be an important factor to consider.

Your garage door will differ in size and weight so selecting an opener that has the right horsepower will ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Noise Levels

The noise level will vary based on the type of opener:

  • Belt Drive: A belt drive opener is the quietest type of opener, so if your house has a bedroom right next to your garage, choosing this type will ensure no disturbances
  • Chain Drive: Chain drive openers tend to make noisy rattling sounds that may be heard inside the home, so consider the spaces adjacent to the garage before choosing a chain opener.

Before installing a garage door opener you should discuss the preferred amount of noise level with your household. This assessment may include an evaluation of the closest rooms to the garage and what noise reduction systems you have in place, such as soundproofing in your garage. You can also test out different garage door openers to determine how much noise they make.

Security Features

Nowadays, garage door openers have many security measures making them both safer and more efficient. Some of these include motion detection to prevent the garage door from closing on someone or something, smartphone and pin entry, and security lighting.

Protect your home by investing in a garage door opener.

Rolling Code Technology

Rolling code technology means a new code is generated every time you press the button to open the garage door. This code sends a signal to the opener’s sensor and opens the door.

By using rolling code technology, people are unable to get into your garage because they cannot intercept the signal’s code.

Source: Garage Door Champs

Smartphone Connectivity and Smart Home Integration

When a garage door system can connect with your home and integrate with a smart home system, you can use your phone to open the door and monitor its opening and closing.

You can set up alerts when the door is opened and closed, monitoring who is coming in and out. This directly alerts you if someone is breaking into your house.

Security Lighting and Sensors

Having security lighting and sensors makes sure you are safely opening and closing your garage door. By providing lighting, you can see if someone is attempting to break in or if you are going to hit someone or something with your car.

The sensors prevent you from closing the door on someone or your car, and help you confirm you pulled your car in far enough, improving the safety of your vehicle.

Warranty and Customer Support

All garage door openers will require maintenance at some point, so checking the warranty options when buying an opening is important. Whether you’re self-installing or hiring someone, make sure you’re protected if parts malfunction and need to be replaced or repaired.

Regular maintenance can keep your garage door opener running smoothly for a long time, but choosing a type that requires low maintenance and has a long life span might be something to consider.

Having responsive and reliable customer support services, like the service provided by Door Dorks, is essential if problems with your selected garage door opener arise. Research the company you’re selecting for your garage door opener to ensure you’ll be supported.


When buying a garage door opener, evaluate the type of garage door you have, how much horsepower you need for that type, your noise comfort, the security features you want, and your budget. Chain drives are the cheapest but also the noisiest, while the quiet belt drives aren’t as strong. Screw drives are great for heavy-duty doors but jackshaft drives are the easiest to self-install, but Door Dorks can help you install any type of opener.

Weight the different types of garage door openers carefully, evaluate your preferences, and make a thoroughly researched decision based on your own needs. Choosing the right garage door opener will smoothen your day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of garage door openers?

The main types of garage door openers are:

  • Chain drives, which are sturdy and affordable yet noisy.
  • Belt drives, which are quieter but less strong.
  • Screw drives, which are quiet and great for heavy doors.
  • Jackshift drives, which take up less space and are easy to install.

What garage door opener is the quietest?

The belt drive is the quietest, which might be beneficial if noise is a concern and there are bedrooms next to your garage.

How do I select the garage door opener that’s right for me?

Consider your garage door type, noise levels, and security features. Companies like Door Dorks can help you select the perfect garage door opener.

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