Picture opening your garage door every single day and having the entire world stop and stare as it creeks open. The neighbors stop cutting the lawn. People in the cars driving by grimace.. Even the neighborhood cat stares at the insanely loud noises coming from your garage door. 

No homeowner wants to endure awkward grinding noises from a faulty garage door, but why exactly are the doors so loud? As a full-service garage door company, Door Dorks technicians have more than enough experience dealing with all kinds of noise from your garage doors. With our help, you can identify why your garage door makes so much noise and what you can do about it. 

What Kind of Noises Can I Hear From a Garage Door?

Garage doors are meant to be quiet when they operate, so the types of noises you hear from them — like squealing, rattling, popping, and grinding — all indicate major problems with either your garage door or garage door opener. Like how your car brakes will squeal when they’re close to wearing down, your garage door will do the same. If you hear any of these noises, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional garage door company. 


Rattling or vibrating noises mean that some of your garage parts may be loose and need to be adjusted and secured. These noises can also mean that your garage door may be getting close to coming off track, which can be serious safety concern.


Squealing indicates poorly lubricated parts. You should be getting garage door maintenance annually. If not, this could limit the lifespan of the garage door and put undue strain on the motor.


In many cases, if you hear a very loud pop a torsion spring has just snapped. If the spring is exposed, you will see a visible break and the door will become extremely heavy. Broken or loose hinges can also cause popping sounds when the door is opening and closing.


Clicking is usually a result of a buildup of rust that takes its toll on your springs. Additionally, clicking sounds can also result from a misaligned track or a motor issue.

Your Garage Door Is Old

An aged garage door can make a whole host of sounds. An old garage door means old parts, and even if you replaced a few, the odds are that you won’t be able to replace them all before they start making noises. While it can be that parts like metal rollers need lubrication, sometimes your garage door being old is the cause of its weird noises. Loud noises should certainly be a cause for concern, and you should reach out to Door Dorks for a complete safety inspection.

The Garage Door Is Off Track or Not Balanced

The next time we hear the term “coming off track” being used as a positive will be a first. Whether it’s a derailed train or a derailed garage door, neither situation means anything good. Garage doors that have come off track are a serious safety concern and will generally not open or close. An unbalanced garage door may appear lopsided while opening/closing. Other symptoms include unusual noises or the door’s inability to stay halfway open when during manual operation. In either case, your door needs professional help asap.

Garage Door Parts Need Lubrication

The moving parts of your garage door, like nylon rollers or hinges, need to be lubricated at least annually. If a lack of lubrication is the cause of your problems, be sure to get your door lubricated pronto. The friction between the two parts is almost like your knee or elbow bones grinding together over time. This will wear down your moving parts quicker, leading to more expensive repairs. 

Nuts and Bolts Are Loose

Nuts and bolts can occasionally be an easy fix, as all it would theoretically take is a wrench and socket. It can be harder than you think, though, especially when attempting to pinpoint the exact nuts and bolts that need to be replaced. You can even cause worse damage to your door if you tighten it too much, which would create a whole new set of headaches. It’s best to trust the nerds at Door Dorks and use our expertise to your advantage. 

Stop Those Weird Noises With Help From Garage Door Pros!

It’s got to be annoying having a garage door that sounds like a raging maniac every time you pull into the driveway, but those weird noises don’t have to last much longer. With help from our San Diego County-based garage door repair company, you can get the help you need to stop those weird noises and enjoy the comfort of a fully functioning garage door. Door Dorks is home to some of the nerdiest and smartest garage door technicians on the West Coast. Contact us today and speak to one of our dorks to learn more about how we can stop those noisy garage doors.

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